Monday, 9 January 2012

Pregnancy Week 40 - And a baby is born

The day started out early waking at 6 am to have a shower and get to the hospital by 7 am. After I had been admitted, tagged and changed into hospital gowns, the Anaesthetist came in and explained how the epidural would work. He then inserted the catheter into my spine and set up the drip for the Syntocinon.
Once my legs were numb my Obstetrician came in and broke my waters. The midwife set up the continuous monitoring and started the Syntocinon drip. She started monitoring the contractions. The baby’s heartbeat dropped considerably and went into a crash. The midwife stopped the Syntocinon drip and waited for my baby to recover. She called my Obstetrician and they decided to try again. I only got a couple of contractions in and my baby crashed again. She stopped the drip again and called my Obstetrician who came in to check me out.  My Obstetrician then went and spoke to my Gynaecologist and they decided an emergency caesarean would be the best way forward considering that  my baby was already showing signs of distress.

By this time it was just after 12 pm and they told me that I would be going in for the caesarean at 1 pm. My husband was given his lunch, when they told us that they would be ready early and would be coming to collect me in 10 minutes. You should have seen him bolt down his roast dinner!
Next thing I know I am being wheeled up the corridor and into the theatre area. My husband is sent to disrobe and put on the lovely blue outfit and cap. There are more people around me than I can count when the screen goes up.

The Gynaecologist asked if we knew what we were having. My hubby has from the day we found out I was pregnant thought that we were having a girl but we had chosen not to find out. The next thing we knew we were being shown the backside and swollen anatomy of a little baby boy:

Name:     Callan James
DoB:        9th January
Weight:  6 lb 9 oz
Length:  47.5 cm
Head:      35 cm

They wrapped Callan up and put him on my chest. They took us both into recovery and my husband and I just could not stop staring into his beautiful big blue eyes - and Callan was staring right back at us taking us all in listening to our voices and matching them with our faces.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Pregnancy Week 39–Waiting, waiting and heat…

We are now playing the waiting game and it is like watching a kettle boil…. I am so over being pregnant. I have huge calves, ankles and feet and I feel like a beached whale. I am so looking forward to getting my body back.

This week has been incredibly hot with one day reaching 40°C/104°F. We have evaporative cooling but it doesn’t work on really hot or humid days, so the house was unbearable. Friends of ours took pity on me and invited us around so I could sit in their pool. I could have stayed in there for ages it was so nice.

Everything is looking good for the induction and we go in next Monday at 6.00 am in the morning. The idea is to give me an epidural, break my waters and then start contractions using Syntocinon. This way the obstetrician can monitor the progress of the labour and adjust accordingly and I will be able to keep my energy for the last stage of active labour.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Pregnancy Week 38– False labour and high blood pressure

This week has already been eventful, Boxing Day started with some contractions about 20 minutes apart. My husband and I monitored the contractions through the day which was very hard as the contractions set off the fibroid pain which made the many pains hard to distinguish.

By 11 pm we had rang the hospital a couple of times during the day and they suggested we come in to get checked out. We are very fortunate that the hospital is only a five minute drive away so we packed the car and headed off.

The midwife did an internal and told us that while she did not think the contractions were real contractions, the baby was engaged and that I was in very early stages of labour. The midwife also monitored the baby and my contractions for a couple of hours as they were trying to get the baby’s resting heart rate and it decided to have a party so we had to wait for it to quieten down. She spoke to my obstetrician and as it was a public holiday the next day she suggested I go home and wait and see what happens and try and hold out until I saw the obstetrician on the Wednesday.

So off home we went again with a sleeping tablet and pain medication. The following day I had pains for most of the day and then they stopped completely. When I went to see the obstetrician the day after that, she said that the baby was definitely not engaged yet and it could be another week or so before it would engage.

I was so exhausted after two days of pain and very little sleep I just burst into tears. I had no strength left and I must admit was starting to get frightened about actually being able to deliver the baby naturally if I could not survive pre-labour contractions.

I had to go back and see my obstetrician on Friday and she took my blood pressure again. It was 145/95 so she decided to put me on blood pressure medication to bring it down. The blood pressure medication and doing absolutely nothing for the last few days has brought me back some energy and I feel in a much better place again. She also decided to book me in for an induction by controlled epidural on my due date so that I would not have to go through the pain in the first stage of labour and would be able to hold onto some of my energy to allow me to push at the end.

My husband and I also had the quietest New Years Eve either of us had ever had. Both sober and in bed by 10.30 pm, we felt like real old foagies. That didn’t mean we had any sleep…. The back yard fireworks started going off at 11 pm and then the legal ones were set off at the park up the road at 12 am. Both of our dogs were beside themselves. Our big kelpie/collie x spent the night shaking in the toilet and our King Charles x Beagle spent her time trying to climb on top of us in the bed or hiding underneath it. The back yard fireworks finally finished at 5 am but both my husband and I were wrecked again. One step forward, two steps backwards….

Monday, 26 December 2011

Pregnancy Week 37– Christmas and lots of energy

I have had another boost in energy this week and have spent some time finishing off bits of shopping and generally helping my husband get the house in order for the baby.

We went out for a lovely Thai dinner with friends, but had to leave early due to my feet swelling to the size of footballs. Overall the swelling has been minimal and mainly when it is humid.

My husband and I sat in on Christmas Eve and watched my nephew on TV singing in the carols. Christmas Day was a short drive to my parents house, where I was told to do nothing all day. We had a traditional dinner with Roast Turkey, Pork, Plum Pudding and Pavlova. Baby had a wonderful time taking in all the different foods. I think it will be a Nanna’s mince pie addict when it is older as it became very active after consumption!

Luckily Christmas Day did not end up too hot, although it was very humid. Later in the afternoon the big storms started rolling in. By the time we drove home there was storms all around us but blue sky over the top of our house. The dogs were beside themselves when we got home, with our big Kelpie/Collie X hiding in the toilet for the rest of the night.

This week I also had the mucus show, so hopefully the birth is not too far away. My blood pressure has been up and down, so I am having to have blood tests every week to ensure things are still going good. My doctor is very pleased that I have only put on 10 kilos during my pregnancy, which will make it easier for me to loose the weight afterwards, considering my exercise limitations.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Pregnancy Week 36– Bags packed and Christmas Tree is Up!

Oh, how I love Christmas time. My hubby helped me put up the Christmas tree and we brought a couple of silhouette lights to stick in the window of Santa and a reindeer. I have worded my hubby up that he has to go the full hog for lights next year. All our neighbours do it and I love the look.

We had a lovely street Christmas party on Saturday night. I had a sleep in the afternoon so that I could stay out late. Amazingly I stayed up to past midnight. I had a big sleep in but did not crash. It is the first time in ages that I have enjoyed myself talking and socialising without hitting the wall. I miss my social life heaps. I was a very social person before I got sick and the four walls get to me sometimes.

Overall, it has been a relatively good week. I am still in pain, but have been able to reduce the pain medication to just overnight allowing me to sleep. The baby is getting bigger everyday and my stomach is ginormous. I am down to a few tops that I can wear, but I can’t justify buying anything else for only a few weeks. My bags are now completely packed, so there is nothing left for me to stress over.

We have also started setting up a second baby room downstairs in the study. We got given another cot and change table, so my hubby is busy sanding them back and repainting them. We also have a bar fridge, microwave and kettle upstairs so we don’t have to go up and downstairs during the night for feeds.

I have had an increase in energy levels and my brain fog has diminished so much that I can now comprehend lots more when I read. My blood pressure seems to change on a weekly basis hovering from 120/75 to 145/90. I think this is more related to POTS than anything else. I have also started to get swollen feet and it doesn’t help that the temperature and humidity has increased in the past week. Christmas Day is set to be in the mid 30s (86F+) so I am guessing I will have my feet up for most of the day.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Pregnancy Week 35–Pain

This week has been an up and down week. I ended up in hospital with severe abdominal pain.

Ultrasounds showed that the baby is going really well and they think that the pain is caused by the baby using my fibroid as punching bag. So they let me go home with some panadol forte to help relieve the pain.

It was a good opportunity to do a dry run for the hospital. As I was admitted the also gave me lunch, which my husband happily pigged out. Food was not something I was too interested in, though I must say the mango mousse and ice cream was very nice. Luckily we went in too, as the hospital had lost all my paper work. They eventually found it in February’s pile. Luckily I am still assured a place in January.

My husband has been lucky enough to finish work early and has been looking after me and making sure to keep me off my feet when I look like I am doing too much. It is such a god send that he has the next few months off with me as I am finding it really hard to cope on my own now, let alone with the baby. Being in hospital has also given us a wake up call to finish getting our bags packed just in case….

I have been unusually quick off the mark this year and have nearly all my Christmas shopping done. Most of it has been online, although I have had two orders cancelled due to stock shortages. This means I still have my Mum, Dad and brother to finish off on my side, and my two grand nephews on my husband’s side to go. Hopefully I can finish this over the next couple of days.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Pregnancy Week 34–Nesting :)

This week has been a really good week. I have quite a lot of energy and this overwhelming urge to clean everything in sight. This usually results in me getting half way through something and having to call on my husband to help me finish the job.

So I'm slowly driving my husband nuts. Over the last couple of days I have had him help me take everything out the linen closet and refold it, take all the shelves out of the fridge and cleaned them, move furniture around and clear out my craft room. Luckily we had a hard rubbish collection so anything that wasn’t tied down went out for council collection.

We also had blinds put through out the house to replace the old crappy venetians and home made curtains that were in our house when we brought it. The new blinds are fantastic and seem to be regulating the temperature of the house much better which in turn is helping with my FM pain.

I am starting to get pregnancy tired as well which is something I am not used to feeling. It is different from the fatigue tiredness in that I actually feel like I can sleep properly and as a consequence seem to be going off into a deeper sleep. Only to of course to be woken by mother natures pregnancy pee calls in the middle of the night and my hip pain, but the sleep I am getting does have some degree of refreshing about it.